Purple Cow

Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Seth Godin says that the key to success is to find a way to stand out – do be the purple cow in the field of monochrome holsteins.  Godin himself may be the best example of how tho theory works:  The marketing expert is a demigod on the Web, a best-selling author, highly sought after lecturer, successful entrepreneur, respected pundit and high-profile blogger.  He is uniquely respected for his understanding of the Internet, and his essays and opinions are widely read and quoted online and off.

This book is a huge wakeup call for most marketers who read it.  The book title itself is a perfect metaphor for understanding the concept and remembering it.

If every cow was purple, nobody would get excited about seeing one.

The fact is, most businesses and people are just copies and replicas of everyone else.  The common thought has always been, do what everyone else does because that’s how it’s done or that’s what works.  In reality, when the choices are all so similar the default differentiating factor becomes price which only a few (such as Wal-Mart) can compete on and survive.

Seth Godin says “a purple cow is a remarkable cow.”  Being remarkable is doing what is uniques, interesting, and worthy of being talked about.  Being a purple cow is what sets you apart from the competition in a way that is memorable AND ads value to the customer.  Simple gimmickry  can get you noticed, but a true purple cow is one that is based on generating value for the client/customer – not jumping around in a clown suit begging for customers.  Seth Godin shows you what it takes to make it happen.

Dane Shakespear

Dane Shakespear helps Residential Treatment Centers, Boarding Schools, and Troubled Teen Programs attract more qualified leads, convert them into paying clients and deliver a better product by doing more of what works and less of chasing shiny objects. Dane works with owners and executives who are tired of relegating the lifeblood of their business – their marketing and sales flow to 3rd party geeks and charlatans.