Blue Ocean Strategy

Going head-to-head against the competition has long been the default way of doing business for companies hoping for sustained, profitable growth.

Unfortunately, in today’s overcrowded industries and marketplaces competing head-on results in noting but a bloody “red ocean” of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool which leads ultimately  to imitation of competition, competing on price alone, and ultimately finding the survivors of the bloody battles with little or no profit to remain in business.

Blue Ocean Strategy challenges everything you thought you knew about the requirements for strategic success.  It shows you how to get out of the bloody competition infested waters of the “red ocean” and into untapped, uncharted, unclaimed waters of the “blue ocean.”

The authors show you how to avoid getting sucked into mimicking rivals by using strategy canvases instead of the tired and misused benchmarking tools.

This is a book that I refer to often when working with clients who need to differentiate themselves and create a new category  for themselves and move in to the uncontested waters of the blue ocean.

Blue Ocean Strategy challenges everything you thought you knew about strategy. – Business Trategy Review, UK 

Dane Shakespear

Dane Shakespear helps Residential Treatment Centers, Boarding Schools, and Troubled Teen Programs attract more qualified leads, convert them into paying clients and deliver a better product by doing more of what works and less of chasing shiny objects. Dane works with owners and executives who are tired of relegating the lifeblood of their business – their marketing and sales flow to 3rd party geeks and charlatans.